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Columbia Valley, Washington

Our Washington State Sauvignon Blanc delivers flavors of lime, freshly cut grass, and pink citrus. It's a medium bodied, vibrant wine that's great Spring, Summer, and Fall. Heck, we would drink it in December. Columbia Valley: warm days foster flavor development, and the alluvial and basalt soils give a complex, minerality. With this wine we honor our connection to the land and to one another by giving the proceeds of this wine to fund Wine To Water as they provide resources all over the world to those who need it most. 

Sauvignon Blanc

v. 2017

Willamette Valley, Oregon

Loamy, volcanic soils in the Willamette Valley give this Oregon Pinot Noir layers of red fruit and fine grained tannins that are balanced by a savory, earthy finish. Willamette Valley: One of the best regions for Pinot Noir in the country, the mild, cool, climate provided us with grapes perfect for making a Pinot Nior with crisp acidity and a savory, earthy finish.

Pinot Noir

v. 2017

Mendocino County, CA

This Pinot Noir, from Mendocino (the northern outpost of California winemaking), is not your typical rose grape. It's tricky to grow, but when it's at its best, it produces a wine with lively acidity, subtle hints of strawberry, and strong notes of cherry. Despite the full flavor and zippy acidity, the fruit falls delicately on the palate. Incredibly drinkable, this vivacious rose is a true workhorse wine suited to almost any occasion.

RosE of Pinot Noir

v. 2017

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